Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Your Goals Should Be Aligned with One Another

"The four tires of your car have to be properly aligned; otherwise the left tires will be pointed in a different direction from the right tires and the car work. Goals are just like that. They all must be pointed in the same direction. If your goals conflict with one another, your life may not work."
From: 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People, by David Niven, Ph. D

Whew. This is a hard one. Goals? Have a bajilion. And getting them to align? huh! Good luck!
My life goals are so broad. I guess I need to start there. Break them down to manageable goals that will lead me to the main goal.
BIG GOAL: Buy a house
small goals to get there: do everything I can to help Greg get through school and get a good job, save save save save, be a frugal shopper, save save save save.

I think all of those align pretty well - and will eventually lead to the BIG GOAL.

Lots and lots of work to do with this.

I hope everyone is enjoying the spring so far!

Much love,

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The Beals said...

DUDE! You NEED to update your blog. I know you've got cute pictures of owen.