Monday, February 9, 2009


Its raining in February - which means we will most likely get 20 inches of now in March. NICE! I love MN weather.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Continued Random Facts

I can't really think of anything to blog about - so I will continue on with some more random facts about me.

4. I have this weird love for bowls. I don't know why - there is just something about the shape. I love bowls of all sizes and colors. Love them! (especially ones from Crate and Barrel :) )
5. I have never been snowmobiling in my life - NEVER. I know, I live in MN and its some kind of sin or something. But I just never have. It doesn't appeal to me.
6. I ran for my hometown's Miss contest. Yes, I ran for Miss Hutchinson in hopes of winning a college scholarship. Didn't pan out for me - oh well, I still got to wear beautiful dresses, get all made up and and dance the night away with my friends. It really worked out for the best that I didn't win because that summer Greg and I got engaged, and that wouldn't have been able to happen if I would have won the crown.

There you go. More will follow shortly I am sure.