Wednesday, April 22, 2009

it was the best of times, it was the WORST of times

Life.  Its a crazy journey.  Everyday brings something new - good, bad, indifferent.  Everyday something new.   A month ago I never thought my life would take such a crazy, drastic turn.   I am not going to say turn for the worse (even though it feels like a nose dive/face plant on the cement) but definitely not a turn for the better.  Last Tuesday, Greg in had to break the terrible news to me that he would no longer be employed by Rehkamp Larson Architects.   That my friends is something I hope none of you have to experience.   It is a total gut wrenching, hand shaking, hot tears welling up and streaming down the face uncontrollably moment - and it is awful.    Some people might try and sugar coat it - well not me!  It is terrible.   I mean a month ago we were talking about starting to talk with banks about what our options are for home loans and starting to look for homes in the areas we want to live and in our price range.  It seemed like such a good time, we both had good jobs and were ready to commit to something more permanent.    Even the "Baby" word came up once or twice!  I mean that is serious business.   Now everything is at a screeching halt all because of this awesome recession our country is in.   
A job. It is such a mundane thing - get up, go to work, do your job, come home, sleep and start all over again.  Its funny how now a JOB is the most important thing in the world.   
A lot of people tell me "everything happens for a reason", and I am sure there is a reason - but I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THAT REASON IS!  
The thing that is the hardest isn't the financial stress, its the fact that this job was one that Greg truly enjoyed going to everyday.  He enjoyed the work he did, he enjoyed his co-workers, he enjoyed the neighborhood the office is in.   He liked everything about it.  That is what is so hard for me - is that now and perfectly happy, hard working employee has nowhere to go.