Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whoa Baby! Its been a while....

So it has been a few days (or months) since I have blogged about anything. Some things have changed, but most things have stayed the same. To bring you all up to speed, I am going to samich the not-so-good things between some of the best things that have happend these past 'few' days.
~ Summer finally arrived, even though it is still a bit chilly every couple of days - it is here, and I am lovin' it (thanks McDonalds for the catch phrase)
~ Greg and I were able to spend 10 days, that's right, 10 DAYS at the cabin - and it was wonderful. I loved waking up, making my coffee and taking that and my book to the dock (along with my husband) and sitting there. SOaking in the rays, caffeine-ating and reading all about the wonderful wold of wizardry and witchcraft at Hogwarts was awesome!
~ Sadly, Greg is still unemployed. He looks everyday. He applies to at least 3 new places a week... and still nothing. He also is looking at going back to school - but for what? is the real question.
~ Whilst at the cabin, a few of our good friends joined us for the last weekend we were up there. We all ran the Race for the Cure in Baxter, MN - as the team: Ga Ga for Ta Tas. It was fabulous. My first 5K ever was pretty good. I am not going to say what my time was - but just that I was glad to finish and that my team raised $500! Woot! Woot!
~ My dad bought Greg a boat. Yup. We don't own a home - so why not own a boat?!? Good questions. Actually, its kind of a cool boat, and I am excited for when it is all finished. Its a 1954 Wagemaker. An old wooden boat that needs a bit of TLC. Well, what better time to work on re-finishing a boat then when one is unemployed. *Thanks dad for keeping my husband busy!
~ Most recently, my baby sister, Michaeala, turned 19. Ugh, that makes me feel really old. She came to stay with me last weekend for a girls night out Saturday. Kendra, Vanja, Rudy and I went to Salut to celebrate her big birthday. It was so fun, and the food was delish!

So, not much happened and yet we have been so busy - ALL THE TIME. I am sad that the summer is already more that half over. I am trying my hardest to really enjoy the every moment of the summer. There are so many reasons why summer in Minnesota is wonderful, but it goes so fast I hardly ever get to experience them all. I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer - and enjoying it to it's full potential! :0)