Thursday, January 14, 2010

Use A Strategy For Happiness

Hello All,

Continuing on the journey to happiness:

From 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People, by David Niven, Ph. D

Simple Secret Number Two: Use A Strategy For Happiness

We assume that happy and unhappy people are born that way. But both kinds of people do things that create and reinforce their moods. Happy people let themselves be happy. Unhappy people continue doing things that upset them.

This one is a problem of mine. There are so so so may good things in my life. I have a wonderful family, and loving husband great friends - and instead of focusing on those things, the good things I dwell on arguments, hurtful words spoken or stressful situations. They just keep replaying in my mind, and consume my thoughts and I fester. Fester and Rot Rot Rot Rot (can you name what movie that is from?)

For example: Recently it seems that the department I work in has become a baby factory. I seriously felt at one time that everyone I have a connection with in the office was expecting a baby. I truly am so happy for all of them. But, instead of letting that happiness shine through, I focused on the fact that I am not having a baby. I would not totally oppose the idea, actaully Greg and I have talked quite a bit about it. Alas, the time is just not right for Greg and I and we know that - but its just hard for me when I am constantly reminded of this at the place I spend the majority of my day. But in all seriousness, I really am thrilled for those I work with. A baby is such a blessing and a miracle.
Its sad that I have become a person who immediately jumps to the negative, instead of looking for the good. All of these negative things are just moments in a lifetime where the good far out weighs the bad. Here I am continuing in my personal growth to happiness, and it feels good! I hope all of you can apply this secret in your lives.

I am going to once again leave you with a picture of something that makes me happy. I hope you enjoy it :0)

Puppies have to be one of the cutest things on earth - and this one is particularily close to my heart. Love

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy 2010

Happy 2010 Everyone!
I don't mean this just as a greeting and a warm wish to you all for this new year - but as a challenge. 2009 was a particularly hard year for me as you all are probably aware, but we don't need to get into the details. One of the effects of that cumbersome and what seemed like the longest year of the world is that I find it harder and harder to find the joy in things. My motto in life is "Choose Joy". I fell in love with this saying on a mission trip I took like oh, i don't know...13 years ago? I have it as the wake up screen on my phone, I have it written on the inside of my journal and most of my personal belongings. So now, how sad is it that I haven't even been following my own life's motto? Time for a change! - and what a better time to do it that than the start of a new year?
I received a book a couple months back for my birthday called 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People, by David Niven, Ph.D. I decided I should probably read it and put what the scientists have learned to good use. Its once again time to CHOOSE JOY!
Each day I am going to post one of the one-hundred topics in the book and discuss how I can apply it to my life. I urge you, the readers, to do the same - find how you can apply the secret of the day to your life.
Here we go!
Number One: Your Life Has Purpose and Meaning.
You are not here just to fill space or to be a background character in someone else's movie. Consider this: nothing would be the same if you did not exist. Every place you have ever been and everyone you have ever spoken to would be different without you. We are all connected, and we are all affected by the decisions and even the existence of those around us.

This is a hard topic to apply to life in a concrete sense. But what I do know is that without me my family dynamic would be much different, Greg would probably never have learned to love hunting and fishing quite as much, and my friends at work would be 5 lbs. lighter (;0) Who really knows what else, except for maybe my guardian angel. This topic reminds me of the movie "Its a Wonderful Life". If we could all see what a different world it would be without us in it we would probably appreciate what we have and ourselves for that matter, so much more.
Since I probably won't have one of those movie moments, I will take this 'secret' for its word.

There, I am one step closer to becoming a much happier person and I hope you are too.

I am going to leave you with a picture of one thing that really makes me happy

I hope you all enjoyed the large amount of buffalo plaid flannel in this picture. :0)
'Till next time,