Thursday, September 25, 2008

A First Time for Everything


I think this an appropriate title for my very first blog post ever, and considering what the rest of my post entails. I decided to join in on the blog-revolution because, although I see a good portion of my friends on a daily basis - we don't always have the time to just sit and talk about completely random thoughts or happenings in our lives. Also, as much as I enjoy Facebook - it doesn't quite provide a good way to elaborate on the stories of daily life.
Now, back to the title. This past weekend I walked the Breast Cancer 3-Day, for the first time. During these three days (and the week before) I experienced more "firsts" than I have since I my freshman year of college. So, here we go.
1. First time winning anything from a radio station
2. First time being on the radio (Cities 97)
3. First time winning $1,000 (unfortunately, I didn't get to keep it for myself :( )
4. First time being on WCCO TV
5. First time walking 20+ miles in one day

6. First time sleeping in a pink tent, along with 3,000 other people sleeping in pink tents. Pretty much it was my first time being in a sea of pink tents.
7. First time showering in a semi. Yes, I said a semi. They had mobile shower, that actually had warm water in a semi. Weird and wonderful all at the same time.
8. First time getting the worst pain in my foot I have ever experienced - and walking 40+ miles with it. Grin and bear it, grin and bear it.
9. First time having to tape almost every toe on my foot to subside the pain of the blisters that had formed there.
10. First time feeling the most joy anyone could feel after walking 62 miles in 3 days - and being apart of something much, much larger than myself. Thanks for sticking with me. I know that was quite long.